Research & Use Agreement

Research Component

In Addition To Being A Powerful Tool For The End User, ViTA DMF Is An Important Research Project For The Dan Marino Foundation And The USC Institute For Creative Technologies. ViTA DMF Licenses Will Only Be Granted To Entities That Agree To Submit Research Data. Your ViTA DMF Representative Will Go Over The Research Participation Data Requirements With You And They Will Be Listed Explicitly In Your Final User Agreement.

Terms Of Use

ViTA DMF can be licensed by schools, govt. agencies and nonprofit organizations that serve young adults with developmental disabilities. Licenses are not currently being offered to individual users. ViTA DMF is only currently available in English.

Licenses are granted on a 12-month subscription basis at an annual cost to the organization of $999. This fee covers the cost of curriculum development, training, research/product development and technical support. It does not cover the cost of equipment. Equipment requirements can be reviewed here.

The basic Use Agreement provides the use of a single ViTA DMF Seat Station. While any number of participants can utilize the ViTA DMF Software at a single Seat Station, if an agency wishes to have ViTA DMF in multiple locations, additional Sub-Stations must be added onto the Agreement at an annual cost of $250 per Station.

Upon expiration of their Agreement, a ViTA DMF Community agency may request a new Agreement for an additional 12 months.